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Odd Occurrences of The Way

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Don't mind me... just passing through Sometimes you just need to shoot someone with a missile when they don't listen

Odd Occurrences of The Way is an RPG that respects your time and intelligence.

-Enemies show up on the map (no random battles)
-Enemies stay dead (no grinding)
-A shop option right in your menu (no walking back to town to re-equip)
-Intelligent enemies (no random enemy actions in battle)
-Ammo for all your weapons (strategy even in smaller battles)
-Skippable, replayable cutscenes (no need to play through the game again to remember a story point)

And most of all, a story that's relatable. Saving the world is fun and all, but it's been done before. There's nothing about us in that story.

While this story is set in the future, it is happening all around us every day. Ever get frustrated at life? Ever wonder what it's all for? What's your purpose and meaning? Some people do seem to have hope, but how do they do it?
All while piloting big robots and shooting things. Because, you know, it still has to be fun!

Driving to the next mission can be hazardous at times Just connect the wires... no! Don't touch the red one!