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Ignition Earth

Download Demo! (Single Player) (PC)

Ever wanted to play a good co-op game with your friends, but can also go in solo and get things done? Where there's lots of action and you are constantly discovering new equipment to play with? Where there's an endless amount of zones to enter and try to survive? Me too!

Enter Ignition Earth. Strategy is key here as you are limited in the resources you have, the inspirations you have to build from, as well as how much storage you have to hold equipment in your base. This creates a constantly evolving style of play as you acquire new inspirations and lose equipment from dying.

So you have selected your loadout and are ready to enter a zone. Do you go mine for resources, go scavenge the recently dead, or go on a hunt for the bigger enemies? Any way you decide you better hurry. More portals from the enemy are constantly spawning into the world, each one pouring out more foes to fight. You will be overrun, it's only a matter of time.

This game is on hold for now. It's an incredibly fun game with amazing potential, so I really want to do it right. To do that I need more experience with building multiplayer games as well as a bigger team.