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Hi all, I'm Mike. I've been playing video games for literally as long as I can remember. From Commodore 64 to NES early on. All that experience paid off when I was named Fairfield County Nintendo Champion for 3 years running! Soon after, I found a love of programming and have been toying with game making ever since. After a few years of real world experience in software development I am now ready to get down to business making games.

To me it's all about the puzzles. The mechanics. Really figuring out the rules of the game and how to use them in interesting ways. My goal is to make some games that flip some of these common ideas upside down and put them back together in a new cohesive symphony, to really make a unique experience that's incredibly fun. An RPG without level ups? That sounds like a good start!

Favorite Games: Super Meat Boy, Final Fantasy 4, Terraria, Bloons Tower Defense 5, Smash Bros Melee

And if you're interested, here's my non-gaming-related blog: Contemplating Hope